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New Year’s Resolution


I just quickly wanted to welcome anyone reading this to our blog and encourage you to check in often. I will be updating the blog frequently with anything and everything to do with finances for yourself or business in general.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start this blog with the hopes of giving back content to the internet community from which I have learned so much. It took a little while (22 days to be exact) for me to start this blog, but in all honesty I have had a busy three weeks to start off the year. So it is only fitting that I start off this blog with my opinion of the idea of the New Year’s Resolution.

The idea of a new year’s resolutions is great because it gives people a reason to reflect and establish goals for the upcoming year. Any impetus that makes people set goals is awesome, BUT it can be a really bad thing if you are putting off something that should have been done a long time ago until the start of the New Year because “it is you New Year’s resolution” (in other words procrastination is bad).  I don’t mean to start the New Year, or this blog, off on a negative tone, but my plan for this blog is to be real and hopefully create some discussion with my opinions.

Procrastination is terrible and it is increasing, in my opinion, because of the shorter attention span due to the bombardment of the senses people are getting from their cell phones. I will close this post off by encouraging everyone to make procrastinating less a resolution for this year. And if you have been putting off getting your company’s financials in order you can always feel free to contact us 😉

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

Take care and happy New Year.

– post written by Ofir Gabay